Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mini Reviews (Updated 17th Jan)

This is a blog entry to cover off quick reviews of individual #dramples or tastings, usually it will be a copy of some Twitter posts. I'll updated it as and when required with drams in date order.

Laphroaig Triple Wood 48%

Date: 17th Jan '18
Sample: swap from @WhiskyWings

Nose: touch of sherry, gentle peat smoke, some walnuts?
Palate: very smooth, some vanilla custard with strawberries, slight salty edge
Finish: gentle smoke, little spicy kick
Notes: nice dram, didn't get any peanuts which is great after the experience I've had with some recent Laphroaigs!

Benromach 10/100° 10yo 57%

Date: 17th Jan '18
Sample: swap from @SpiritAndWood

Nose: sherry, stewed orchard fruit, hints of icing sugar
Palate: honey with a chilli edge, fruit & nut chocolate with a hint of juicy orange
Finish: warming, spicy chilli

With water:

Nose: sherry, vanilla, hint of peat?
Palate: the honey fades, replaced by a chewy milk chocolate toffee
Finish: spicy ginger / chilli is slightly more intense but with a peat smoke note coming through
Notes: lovely dram, up there with the Sassicaia which is my favourite Benromach! Love the way the water adds a peat note to the dram

DL Strathclyde 2005 11yo 55.5%

Date: 15th Jan '18
Sample: swap from @Maltman_Mike

Nose: sherry, treacle, vanilla
Palate: coffee, chocolate, honey, slightly drying
Finish: spicy ginger / chilli
Notes: WOW THAT IS WEIRD - a Sherry butt Grain - very nice - but weird - the Speyside side of my brian is saying sherry, the Grain side is saying vanilla. Both together get a coffee chocolate honey mix that is amazing!....

Edradour Caledonia 12yo 46%

Date: 15th Jan '18
Sample: swap from @Maltman_Mike

Nose: sherry
Palate: honey and a little spice
Finish: short
Notes: disappointing....

DL Glenlossie 1997 19yo 50.9%

Date: 15th Jan '18
Sample: swap from @Maltman_Mike

Nose: pineapple with a hint of ginger - very tropical.
Palate: more of the pineapple with a little honey, big hit of spicy ginger
Finish: honey with the ginger
Notes: lovely sweet dram!

DL Glen Ord 2004 13yo 48.4%

Date: 15th Jan '18
Sample: swap from @Maltman_Mike

Nose: new make with some citrus tones.
Palate: lemon meringue, sweet honey with a spicy edge
Finish: spicy honey
Notes: OK but not great, my first disappointing dram from DL, improved slightly with the addition of some water - lots of vanilla notes but toned down the spices.

Clynelish 14yo 46%

Date: 7th Jan '18
Sample: swap from @AmateurDrammer

Nose: apples, honey, a little citrus, a little mown grass.
Palate: very smooth, slightly oily, loads of honey, a little vanilla followed by hot chilli - yummy!
Finish: a hint of smoke? milder chilli & the honey sweetness.
Notes: a lovely dram, honey and spice!