Thursday, 2 November 2017

Dublin Liberties Whiskey #TweetTasting

#TweetTastings are coming thick and fast at the moment for @TheWhiskyWire and I was lucky enough to be selected for the latest one from @DublinLiberties

Dublin Liberties started building their distillery in January of 2017 and are looking to open in early 2018, they currently sell two drams - a blend Oak Devil and a 10yo single malt Copper Alley.

As usual with these things an unmarked parcel arrived in the post a few days before the tasting, the dramples came in two lovely squared off bottles. 

On the night we all joined together on twitter to share our opinions.

First up was the Oak Devil blend at 46%, a blend of Irish malt & grain whiskeys, which have been matured in bourbon casks.

Nose: very pale in colour, quite fruity on the nose initially, fruitiness develops into distinct pear and apple notes - a little like when stewed in custard! A little honey but not getting a lot of spice - not living up to it's name!
Palate: smooth and oily on the tongue, a sweet tropical fruit mix with lots of spice - yummy! It is a little like spicy apple pie but with more tropical notes - pineapple pie maybe?
Finish: long and spicy finish, lingers on the tongue! Hints of honey and that stewed tropical fruit. Nice!

Other peoples opinions:

Second was the Copper Alley single malt at 46%, finished in 30 Year Old Oloroso Sherry Casks.

Nose: colour lives us to it's name - beautiful! Initial nose : peppered honey! getting some sherry.
Palate: waxy oily on the palate with some peppery notes on the tongue develops into Christmas flavours - dried fruit, nuts, spices, sherry, slightly drying - tasty! As you taste it the nose changes slightly getting icing sugar to go with the Christmas festival on the palate!
Finish: similar long spicy finish to the Oak Devil - peppery honey lingering on the tongue!

Other peoples opinions:

Overall I actually preferred the blend over the single malt, I think it delivered more spice on the palate and finish - right up my street!

Thanks to Steve, Dublin Liberties and my fellow twitters for a great evening! You can follow the whole evening here #DublinLibertiesWhiskey

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